Practical question on valuation of old systems

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Nov 16 17:19:43 CST 2006

> In article <m1GkUVF-000IysC at p850ug1>,
>     ard at (Tony Duell)  writes:
> > > That seems to support my feeling that the price is driven more by
> > > desirability of collectors than rarity.  On the other hand that means
> > 
> > Isn't that rather stating the obvious, in that collectors will pay more 
> > for items that they really want? 
> Maybe it seems that way, but the original poster was speculating that
> rarity was the price driver.

My point (which I didn't explain that well) is that 'desirability to 
collectors' is almost certainly the main factor in the price. I think 
that 'rarity' may well be a factor in 'desirability to collectors' (some 
collectors will want to have a machine that nobody else owns), but may 
not be the main factor. 


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