vtserver question & mod

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Mon Nov 20 12:41:53 CST 2006

Ashley Carder wrote:
> I have a version of VTServer that works with the M9312 console
> emulator, and it runs in Windows (well, in a DOS box).  I think I
> got mine from Fred Van Kempen, who crafted a special version 
> for me.  I have used it on an 11/34 and an 11/40 and have not
> had any problems.   I've copied RK05, RL01, and RL02 pack
> images to and from the PDP-11.  Would you like a copy of my 
> version of VTServer?  If so, I can email it to you or I can put it 
> on my web site (http://www.woffordwitch.com) where it can be 
> downloaded.

   Whatever happened to the VTServer v3 project?  There were some 
upcoming features (like >32MB transfers) that I was eagerly awaiting.


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