dec cabinet paint (and/was "11/34 done")

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at
Mon Nov 20 14:28:09 CST 2006

Yeah, there is going to be some difficulty matching the pebbled paint on the
/34 front panel.  I had one place that almost was going to do it for me then
backed out when they found out it was just that one part.  I personally
would recommend sandblasting it first then repainting, in case there's any
latent rust (don't see why there should be, but whatever)

Just my two cents. 

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> Ashley wrote...
> > Jay, that's a great looking system!  Did you use any of the 
> > pieces/parts you got from me on that system?
> Humm I don't recall you sending me any parts for the /34. I 
> know you sent me a few cabinet parts and few memory boards to 
> help with my /45 though. I'm probably forgetting something 
> and I apologize if so!
> > ... but I just need to clean up the side panels and touch 
> up the legs, 
> > clean up the black cover panels, etc.
> I was going to take a RL02 front panel or dec corp cab filler 
> panel in to a hardware store and have them match the paint 
> color exactly, and get a small can of the correct mix. Or 
> does an industry standard color coding system exist, and 
> these magic numbers are known by a listmember so I can just 
> get the color already? I would really like to get an exact 
> match for the "white" 
> on the front of the /34 & RL02, the "grey" on the H960 side 
> panel, and the "black" on the H960 anti-tip feet. Not just 
> the right color but the right type of paint and finish.
> Jay 

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