dec cabinet paint (and/was "11/34 done")

Don North ak6dn at
Mon Nov 20 23:25:46 CST 2006

Jay West wrote:
> I was going to take a RL02 front panel or dec corp cab filler panel in 
> to a hardware store and have them match the paint color exactly, and 
> get a small can of the correct mix. Or does an industry standard color 
> coding system exist, and these magic numbers are known by a listmember 
> so I can just get the color already? I would really like to get an 
> exact match for the "white" on the front of the /34 & RL02, the "grey" 
> on the H960 side panel, and the "black" on the H960 anti-tip feet. Not 
> just the right color but the right type of paint and finish. 

I got this from somebody who got it from DEC circa 1999 or so; these may 
or may not be available anymore from the listed paint vendor, I don't know.

System Paint   
Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1998. All rights reserved.
U.S. Area Information Center
QRL, Quick Reference List
Supplies: PAINT, for PDP and VAXES
Updated: 16-APR-1998 Article Expiration Date: 27-MAY-2000
Part Description: DEC Part
Paints are ordered from Randolf Products
Harlestat, NJ
Specify Product type, Randolf Products will provide color match.
End Note:
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Gray 49-01524-01
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Old Digital Blue/gray 49-01524-02
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Black 49-01524-03
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,End Panel Grey 49-01524-04
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Bright Copen Blue 49-01524-05
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Terra Cotta 49-01524-06
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Scale Grey 49-01524-07
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Blasi Blue 49-01524-08
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Topaz 49-01524-09
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Mullen Blue 49-01524-10
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Perferred Red 49-01524-11
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Digital Brown 49-01524-12
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Charcoal 49-01524-13
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Mid-Range Gray 49-01524-14
Paint (Lacquer), Touch-up, Aerosol,Mid,Dark Gray 49-01524-15


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