Somewhat OT: FPGA Develpment Kits

Ray Arachelian ray at
Tue Nov 21 15:50:10 CST 2006

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 21 Nov 2006 at 19:42, Jos Dreesen / Marian Capel wrote:
> There apparently used to be a fellow who implemented pin-compatible 
> FPGA replacements for the Z80 and 6502 using Xilinx 4013's, but I 
> can't find any details of his work.  One of the modern chip 
> suppliers, Innovasic, offers drop-in FPGA replacements for old MPUs 
> and other circuits.

Would certainly be fun to figure out how to do this.  Are there any
resources or samples out there that would point at how this is done?  Do
you start with a schematic of the CPU or the device and convert that to
verilog by hand, or is there some automated way?

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