Radius 81/110 power supply needed

Jeff Walther trag at io.com
Wed Nov 22 15:44:05 CST 2006

>Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 23:03:45 -0500
>From: David Barnes <davebarnes at adelphia.net>

>Hello all;
>I have a Radius mac clone , model 81/110 which needs a new power 
>supply.... it gave up the ghost this morning... anyone have one 
>available? or an entire system they want to part with?
>Yes I need to keep this old machine alive.... nubus video capture
>cards, etc...

It's the same as the Apple 8100 power supply.   You'll have better 
luck finding a power supply for the 8100.

Here's one: 

but that seller (KPS101) plagiarized my Item Description for Beige G3 
ROMs so I would love it if folks would refuse to buy from him/her/it. 
Actually, he continues to plagiarize it to this day when he has them 
available to sell.

Ah, here we go and cheaper too 

And finally from Olde Mac Milt 
This one is in the middle price-wise, but I've dealt with Milt before 
and he's an upstanding guy.

Oh, and he has a 225 watt version as well, the others are 200 watts: 

What kind of video capture are you using in there?   Is it a Video 
Vision Studio?   I have one I haven't hooked up yet.   One thing 
that's keeping it down on the list of things to do next is all the 
(old) talk about fiddling to get decent frame rates.   Is it really 
that hard?  Or with a modern hard drive connected to a JackHammer, 
should one be able to do just fine?   Is it difficult or tricky to 
record the sound along with the video and have them synchronized? 
And finally, any tools to convert the MJPEG to modern video formats?

Jeff Walther

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