Al Kossow aek at
Wed Nov 22 16:39:37 CST 2006

> In general, I think its a bad idea to have everything in any community
> funnel through a single person.  What happens if Al (knock on wood)
> should get injured and can't do scans anymore?  If we adopted the
> "well, just let Al scan everything because he knows how to do it" and
> it never gets documented on what is the best way to scan documents,
> then we lose everything connected to document scanning when we lose
> Al.

The only thing that currently has me as the bottleneck is actually putting
things onto the web site. I have loaned several people now scanners and as
you say, it isn't a good thing to rely on a single person to do all of the
work. One area that would be useful would be having others help in the
cleanup/post-processing of the raw scans. There is only about 25% of what
I've scanned currently on line.

The things I try to concentrate on are materials that are rare and out of
the mainstream. There are others, for example, that are taking care of
microcomputer docs. I also like to collect material on digital magnetic
storage devices, for their use in data recovery.

I really don't claim to have any 'special knowledge'. There is a particular
document processing flow that I prefer to use to have the documents have a
consistant 'look' to them. It does change over time, though. I have started
adding color cover pages recently as well as more grayscale pictures.

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