OT - 486 w/newer IDE drives

Teo Zenios teoz at neo.rr.com
Thu Nov 23 13:24:12 CST 2006

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> Does anyone really care about the smaller (<2GB) 3.5" drives anymore?
>  I've been wiping and recycling the ones that I have--is this a
> mistake?  I've still got a few old <1GB Conner drives if anyone's
> interested.  Some <4GB WD's and Quantums also.
> Cheers,
> Chuck

I find IDE from 500MB to 4GB and SCSI from 500MB to 4GB (especially with 50
pin interface) to be very useful for my old 486 systems and my multiple 68K
Macs. If anybody has a small stack of drives they want gone let me know.

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