Amstrad's PCs

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Fri Nov 24 02:23:38 CST 2006

Lance Lyon wrote:
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> Subject: Amstrad's PCs
>> not the one with the "pop-up" lcd, but didn't Amstrad
>> make a Atari ST-looking model (essentially a whole
>> computer in the keyboard) with presumably an 8088?
>> Can't find it on Not much but the
>> above mentioned PPC-640 shows up in an casual google
>> search.
>> Actually maybe it had an 8086.
>> Actually maybe the thing I forgot to bid on (a long
>> time ago) didn't have an Intel proc at all, and the
>> auction lied or was misinformed.
> Yep - you're correct - was an 8086 with 512kb of RAM - looked a  little 
> like the Amiga 500.

Wasn't that the Schneider EuroPC?  I believe Adrian's got one of them.

In fact, a quick google turns up


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