sanyo lat-200a

Stijn Bagin fa475919 at
Fri Nov 24 08:28:19 CST 2006

Well, Tony, that probably is a good question, but honestly I do not know for sure.  My own guess is also that this particular card  worked for the crashed harddrive only...

The card consists out of 2 rather big main processors from what I can tell :
- SMS OMTI 20516B (84 pins)
- SMS OMTI 20513   (84 pins)
And then some other smaller components from:
- SMS OMTI J20527C
All other components are pretty much mainstream Mhz-crystals and small diodes/resistors

The board is about the size of half a CD-box and has no power connection, only the 50 pins cable from the motherboard and the 26 pins cable to the harddrive...


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