Northstar Horizon

river river at
Sat Nov 25 01:32:17 CST 2006


I've recently acquired an old Northstar Horizon S-100 system.

It has 3 cards; the ZPB-A2 processor card, MDS-A3 disk controller card and 
the RAM-32-A1 card.

It has no diskette drives. The MDS-A3 card has a blown tantalum capacitor 
(C6) and the motherboard has a blown tantalum capacitor (C1). The 
motherboard is a HRZ-MB-4.

I'm going to clean it up and replace the blown caps and run some checks on 
the power supply. I also have downloaded the relevant documentation to check 
the processor and disk controller cards, and also the HRZ-MB documentation.

Assuming all goes well I need to get my hands on some disk images to run on 
this system. Does anyone know where I can get such images? Also, can I use 
old IBM PC full-height 360K disk drives in this machine?


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