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Sat Nov 25 07:01:10 CST 2006

On Saturday 25 November 2006 05:54, you wrote:
> Dave McGuire wrote:
> > On Nov 22, 2006, at 8:05 PM, Charles H. Dickman wrote:
> >> I also have DT2769, DT3371 and DT3382 boards without documentation.
> >> I emailed Data Translation for any support information and they
> >> didn't have any "at hand", but would get me copies from their
> >> archives for a service charge of US$50 or something. Since I didn't
> >> really have any use for them, whatever they were, I passed.
> >>
> >> The DT2769 is a KWV11-C Programmable Real-Time Clock. If you look
> >> in the Micro/PDP-11 Handbook page 214, the boards are essentially
> >> identical.
> Yes, I had noticed that they are very, very similar.  In fact the system
> (see more below) that contains all of these DT boards, also contains
> a real KWV11.  Why the system needs both is also a mystery to me...
> >> The analog hybrid (?) block on the DT3382 is the same as that on
> >> the ADV11. The DC006 and DC010 chips indicate that it does DMA.
> >>
> >> Never figured out the DT3371 either. It has two analog outputs
> >> though. :-) It also does DMA (DC006 and DC010 again).
> You both may be interested in having a look at the system that these
> boards all came in.  It is a Data Translations LAB DATAX box with an
> H9275A backplane and, by the time I got it, an LSI-11/2 CPU.
> The front panel is really also the rear panel.  There is a DLV11-J with
> four serial lines brougth to 9-pin D connectors, and some BNC-type
> connectors for signals in and out from the box.  What kind of software
> goes with it I don't know, but I do see the system auto-booting to some
> roms on the DT3382-8DI board (I think) and I wonder if just starts
> processing when powered up.  Don't know for sure.  There is a label
> on the underside of the top cover that I believe represents the original
> configuration when it came out of DT:
> 1- KDF11 & KEF11AA	| D4 Interface
> 2- DLV-11-J (177560)	| 256KB Memory
> 3- LDT3382-DI (771420)	->
> 4- LDT2768 (167770)	| LDT3371 (771140 / 420)
> 5- LDT2769 (170420)	| (empty)
> 6- (empty)		| (empty)
> 7- (empty)		| (empty)
> 8- (empty)		| (empty)
> 9- KPV-11-A (177546)	| (empty)
> I have no idea what the 'D4 Interface' is.  It's no longer in the box.
> I've added a couple of images of the box to my Mystery Boards
> webpage:
> >   I'd not mind getting my grubby paws on those Data Translation
> > boards if you or J want to unload them, maybe some swappage or
> > something.  I do lots of related hacking and would likely pop for the
> > $50 for the docs before too long so they can be used.  (and get them
> > to Al of course)
> Thanks for the interest.  For now, though, I think I'll hang on to this DT
> gear since it looks to be a 'system'.  Perhaps I should spring for the
> $50 doc set.  How long ago did you make your inquiry to DT?
> >> Didn't Data Translation always have the company presidents face in
> >> every advertisement? I can see the face, but don't remember the
> >> name... [Google for it] Fred Molinari.
> >
> >    He was rather hilarious in many of their ads...that always gave me
> > a laugh.
> Oh...ahhh...before my time, I guess.  I must have missed that 'show'.
> J
One of the boards (SMS le interface) looks like an interface to a 
disk controller. SMS made a dual disk system that had a 8" floppy 
and an 8" hard disk in a 3RU cabinet. The system has a controller 
in it that  connected to the host via a 40 pin ribbon cable.
 I think the "le interface" is the host end of that connection... I still 
have one of the disk cabinets and controller. (somewhere)

I'd never seen the bus interface till now. I wouldn't mind working out
a trade...

joe lang  

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