rogues galleries

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Nov 27 14:01:08 CST 2006

> Oh come on :-) You know that some of that stuff's pretty rare. On the Acorn 

Indeed I do :-)

> front, they built maybe 50 ARM eval kits and a similar number of ACWs for 

I am supriesed it was as few as that...

> instance, and known survivors of any of the System range is probably less than 
> 20. It's rather hard to find an Atom with the Econet board too (although stock 
> Atoms are reasonably common).

Thinking about it, I may have 2 Atoms with Econet. One with the official 
Econet board (fitted on the solder side of the main PCB), the other 
with a 'System' Exonst eurocard connected to the expansion bus.

> Heck, even Orics / Jupiter ACEs / RML380Zs / Sorcerors aren't *that* common 

I am told the Oric disk drives are hard to find....

> these days, although they're probably around if you have money to spare.
> I could go on....
> Valuable? Well anything rare is valuable (as I realise that you well know) :-) 

I am not convinced. A Tiger turned up on E-bay recently, and did not sell 
for that much money. 

> But if you mean in monetary terms, I really couldn't say. There are probably a 
> few things there that'd go for a few hundred pounds each on ebay - but 
> personally I never think of ebay as a good measure of an item's worth.
> ps. No Domesday system by the way? I could have sworn that you owned one!

No, it's something I've not found yet...


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