HP 9000s, Canon Cat, felines, etc. was Re: rogues galleries

Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 03:06:30 CST 2006

you can do very well copying manuals and such with a
mini digital cam, if its allowed. Id loan you mine if
interested, no problem.
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> >
> > > A Cat is a machine I would also like, but I am
> > > going to find one at a
> > > price I can afford...
> >
> >  Mine...$20 US. Plus shipping. Hope is not lost...
> >
> Hi
> I've been having fun hacking my Cat ( Canon ). It
was intended
> to be only an appliance machine but one can program
with it as well.
> There is a page on the web that says one can just
use the word
> "see" to decompile words but he must have had a disk
that someone
> typed that definition in with.
> I've been slowly hacking how to decompile and I've
made good
> progress. Still, there is so much to dig into. My
main reason is
> to make a printer driver for my HP 3si.
> I was just doing some searches on Jef Raskin and the
Cat and found
> that the Standford Library has manuals on the Forth
in the Cat.
> Too bad I can't just photo copy them. I do plan on
taking a
> day off soon and sit in their viewing room with a
lot of note paper.
> They also have a lot of information from Jef's
records on the Mac
> and Apple in general. Jef was an interesting fellow.
> The Cat is one of my favorite machines.
> Dwight
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