When 4mm Drives Eat Tapes

R. D. Davis rdd at rddavis.org
Tue Nov 28 10:44:40 CST 2006

While attempting to restore some files from a 4mm tape, using an HP
SureStore Tape 2000 drive, something happened to me for the first
time: the drive made a strange moaning sound then stopped reading the
tape.  Not only did the drive stop reading the tape, but it had begun
eating the tape as well, nearly chewing all the way through it on one

I'm guessing that this is a problem which, if not affecting others
yet, will soon start affecting others who are relying upon such drives
for backing up and restoring critical data.  Fortunately, I'd recently
switched to using DLT IV drives for backups, but a few files that I
wanted to restore were still on other tapes.

Does anyone know where rubber parts for these drives, like rollers,
can can be purchased, so that others with these drives can replace
them and avoid what I experienced?  I should have realized that
something was about to go wrong with internal parts as well when one
of the drive's rubber feet began to stick to the metal chassis it was
resting upon.

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