multiple cpu machines Re: rogues galleries

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue Nov 28 08:35:42 CST 2006

Chris M wrote:
> if you all are going to cheat like crazy, then I'm
> going to submit the Dimension 68000. No it wasn't
> loaded as stock with FOUR cpu's, but they were
> "intended" as optional equipment - 68000 running CP/M
> 68K, 8088 for MS-DOS, 6502 for Apple DOS, and a Z80
> for CP/M. So there.

Actually, I'm not sure if that should count or not... it's certainly closer to 
qualifying than something which just happened to have CPUs as peripheral 
processors. I suppose it depends on how "optional" they were and how much 
additional circuitry was needed to support them.

>  And along those lines, how about an IBM PC/XT with 4
> PGA cards (each one took up 2 slots and had an onboard
> 8088). You'd then have a computer w/FIVE CPU's

Ahh, I was originally asking after systems with different CPUs though, not 
several of the same type - mainly to rule out lots of posts about parallel 
machines (as I was curious as to how many manufacturers managed to make a go 
of selling 'average' systems with a mixture of CPU types - parallel machines 
tend to be in a different league)

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