HP 9000s, Canon Cat, felines, etc. was Re: rogues galleries

Anna & Peter Walker walkerpa at ihug.co.nz
Tue Nov 28 16:37:37 CST 2006

> >  I was cleaning out the shed, and found this HP box I
> > brought home for no particular good reason. It says -
> > HP 9000 PC305, or very nearly. Is this along the line
> > of what you're talking about? Most of the guts are
> Not really. That sounds like a somewhat interesting PC clone -- I assume
> the expansion bus is  ISA

According to the HP9000 Series 300 Technical Data booklet (Feb 88,
5951-6785, from www.hpmuseum.net), at that time HP had two Vectra models in
the Series 300 lineup:
* PC-305, HP Vectra CS PC (8086)
* PC-308, HP Vectra ES/12 PC (80286)
Each contained the HP BASIC Language Processor board with a Motorola
68000 at 8MHz, 512 K RAM (expandable), BASIC 5.0 in ROM (or Pascal 3.2 on
floppy), and HP-IB & DIO interfaces.

The museum has more info on these and other Vectras.


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