Disk image conversions?

Richard A. Cini rcini at optonline.net
Tue Nov 28 18:39:08 CST 2006



            Here's an interesting one. I have several disk images for the
Tandy 2000 that had been made with TeleDisk. One of the images is bad for
some reason (must be truncated; won't get past track 30; complains that
target disk drive is not ready when it reaches T30). The original disk is
not available.


            I've done the basic troubleshooting on the drive and media
(other images made with same new floppy diskette and drive work fine;
swapped drive and media) to eliminate them from the failure tree.


            Even though TeleDisk seems to write to track 30 just fine, the
disk is unusable. This is odd because it's an MS-DOS format (although 80T
9S) so all of the directory and media parameter info is at the front of the
disk rather than the back.


            Is there anything I can do with this partial disk image to
retrieve at least some of the info?




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