multiple cpu machines

Al Hartman alhartman at
Tue Nov 28 23:53:06 CST 2006

What about an IBM XT with a Big Blue CP/M Card, AND a Trackstar 128 AND 
a Hydra (MacPlus) board?

Wouldn't that give you 4 processors in one machine?

One could also run an Amiga with an 8088 Bridge board for dual processors.

Or, an Apple IIe, IIgs with a Transwarp card for two processors? Three 
if it has a Microsoft Softcard...

Which makes me think of the Zip Chip and Rocket Chip for the Apple 
IIe/IIgs series.

Did these chips also work in the C64 and other 6502 machines?

I remember working with them, but don't have one for either of my IIgs 

I *DO* have an Orange PC card that will turn a PCI Mac into a PC. But, I 
don't have the required cable or software for it. So, it's merely a 
curiosity at this time.

That would make a Mac a Dual Processor machine, wouldn't it?

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