HP 9000s, Canon Cat, felines, etc. was Re: rogues galleries

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Wed Nov 29 14:22:08 CST 2006

It was thus said that the Great dwight elvey once stated:
> Scanners are out as well. They are quite serious about what one
> can and can't do. They specify that one can place the book on
> the table and use their weights to hold it open while taking the
> picture. One needs to hold the camera by hand and not use
> flash. One can not stand on anything other than the floor.
> These are their rules. It is their game.

  Very odd they won't allow the use of a tripod (are they worried about
someone knocking something over with it?)  I wonder if they would allow the
use of a monopod?

  -spc (I can understand the restriction against flash ...)

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