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Sun Oct 1 15:39:32 CDT 2006

Hi all,

Just had a box come today. Inside are around 
32 discs from CU Amiga and Amiga Format. I 
plan to catalogue them along with my other 
Amiga CD32 stuff during this week (I have the
week off).
Also in the box is a 56K (Data/Fax/Voice) 
modem, manufacturer is unknown. It simply 
states on the front end...

"56K V.90/K56 flex"

... with more data on the bottom of the kit:

"FCC No.: H52PT-3020

Data: K56 Flex/ITU-T V.90 & ITU-T V.34 MNP 
4/5 & V.42/ V.42 bis

Fax: G3 14.4K/14.4K Send/Recieve

Voice: Simultaneous Audio/Voice & Data; Full-duplex 
speakerphone mode

Power: AC 9V/1A

Made in Taiwan"

On the front it has two sockets for a mic. 
and a speaker to be plugged in along with 9 
lights for:


I think I know what most of them mean.

On the back it has an on/off switch, a power 
socket, a parallel port style socket (I have 
necessary cable), line socket and phone socket. 
I assume the line socket plugs into the phone 
connection socket, but what's the phone 
connection for? To plug the phone/fax line in??

I also have Active: Netconnect CD's V2 & V3, 
so having software to go online shouldn't be a
hassle - I just want to upload and download 
stuff from Aminet (site for storing various
Amiga files, utilities, games, patches and more)

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at

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