WTD: AT&T 6300 Personal Computer mother bd dip switch map

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Mon Oct 2 00:23:32 CDT 2006

B. Degnan wrote:
> Hi - I am attempting to install a CGA card onto a AT&T 6300 Personal 
> Computer.  It currently has only a 25-pin CRT port for a terminal dumb 

See previous post; that's the video connector.

> terminal (w/o keyboard).  I need the dip switch map so I can set for the 
> CGA monitor.  The 6300 has a 8086 processor, and it's an OEM system from 
> Olivetti.  I assume that the user's guide for the Olivetti 8086 PC would 
> due equally as well.

My AT&T 6300 hardware reference manual shows all the settings, but if I 
attach 100K of .TIFs I think I'll get railroaded by the general 
populace.  Give me an email I can send my scans to.
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