TRS-80 Model 16 hard drive questions...

Kelly Leavitt kelly at
Mon Oct 2 06:36:02 CDT 2006

> Josh Dersch
> Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 7:50 PM
> - Is this drive actually compatible with a Model 16?  The 
> limited info 
> I've found seems to hint that this was for a Tandy 2000 or 
> 1000 system.
Not normally, but it could be used as a secondary drive if you have a 16b HD.

> - If it is compatible, what kind of drive goes in the enclosure, and 
> where can I find the proper cable to connect it to the Model 16? (The 
> enclosure has a 20 pin "Data" and a 34-pin "Control" connector on it, 
> looks like a standard ST-506 configuration, while the Model 16 has a 
> single 50-pin connector.)
That enclosure is made for a simple ST-506 drive. It is not meatn to be used as a primary boot drive for a model 16.

> - If the drive isn't compatible, anyone have a compatible one for 
> sale/trade? :)
They're pretty rare, especailly in working condition. I have a couple of the big 50 pin units, but they're all in non-working order. You can replace the hard drive in them with just about any ST-506 drive with a few modifications. They are alsmost identical in interface with a WD1000-HDO card.

> I'd like to try to get Xenix running, I have the installation 
> floppies 
> -- just need something to install it to.  I actually work 
> with a guy who 
> ported the Xenix kernel to the Model 16 back in the day, I 
> thought he'd 
> get a kick out of seeing a running system again...
You also need to verify that it has the latest PAL upgrade to run Xenix 3.1 or higher. See the short reference at:


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