Anyone interested in this job lot (West Yorkshire, UK)?

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Sat Oct 7 16:40:52 CDT 2006

listmailgoeshere at wrote:

>> DEC VT510 dumb terminal - 2 off
>> DEC BA356 disk array - full of 4.3GB and 9.1GB drives. Has a
>> personality module fitted, but I couldn't tell you what kind it is
>> Other dumb terminals - there are about 20 of various kinds, including
>> a Lear-Siegler ADM-11 which is retro-tastic
> No-one for any of this yet

If someone can get a couple of terminals to go north-ish I could pick 
them up.  I'm particularly after an ADM-3a especially if it's got the 
board that emulates a Tek 4016 storage tube display.  I had one ages ago 
that I donated to the then owner of the PDP11 I have now, but it never 
came back...


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