AT&T PC 6300 monitors - got one now

Jim Leonard trixter at
Mon Oct 9 15:50:17 CDT 2006

B. Degnan wrote:
> Fortunately there was PC 6300 monitor for sale at our club 
> ( swap meet (with three 6300's) this weekend...Problem 
> solved! pays to advertise.

Wow, that was a stroke of luck!

Do try to find games and programs that support the 640x400 high-res mode 
("The Colony" comes to mind)... it's neat seeing "CGA" in high-res. 
Back when I used mine a great deal, I would download macpaint pictures 
and view them at their correct resolution and aspect ratio...

Also, AT&T GWBASIC supports 640x400 with SCREEN 100 if you want to poke 
around yourself.
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