how do I copy an RD54 completely?

Gooijen, Henk henk.gooijen at
Tue Oct 10 05:52:55 CDT 2006

  Hi Julian,

thanks very much for the description.
Along with some documentation, I hope to succeed :-)
First, I will use the TK50 in the system to make a backup.
I will take a separate TK50 tape for each backup command
to prevent running out of tape during a backup ...
After that, I will install the UC07 with the SCSI disk,
and try the backup to that disk.

I am a bit busy in the house to keep my wife glad, but
I will certainly post the results.
Do you have RSTS V10 (.01 IIRC)?  If not, and my backup
is succesfull, I can send you a CD-ROM copy, after I
managed to copy the SCSI disk on my PC to a CD-ROM ...
But that's for later :-)

- Henk.

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> Fairly complex topic, but lucky you - I have a very similar setup.
> Since you are using a UC07, which is the exact same 
> controller I use in my /23+ with RSTS, I know you can 
> partition the disk using the controller - MAKE SURE the disk 
> is hard partitioned by the controller to be below 2GB in 
> size, as RSTS/E does not like disk sizes larger than 2GB (you 
> will get the repeated, rather funny message "THE DISK IS TOO LARGE!")
> If you have another RD54, you can use SAVRES to image the 
> disk over to another RD54.  If you want to replace the disk 
> with a SCSI device, install the UC07 and disk drive, and then 
> when the "Options <Start>" prompt comes up, type DSKINT.  It 
> will ask you which disk, so put in the correct DUxx:
> designator, we'll use DU1: in this example.  Other than that, 
> you can pick the defaults for everything else up to 
> "Patterns? <3>".  I'd let it do the 3 patterns to make sure 
> the disk is reliable, but if you don't want to wait hours for 
> the disk to initialize 3 times, you can put in '0' and 'Y' to 
> erase the disk.
> Now that you have the freshly formatted disk, you should be 
> returned to the DSKINT program, press Ctrl-Z. At the "Options 
> <start>" prompt, type COPY.
> It'll prompt you for a disk, enter your DUxx: designator 
> again for the SCSI device.It should then copy the correct 
> files for a bootable (but not useful) system to the new disk.
> Hit CTRL-Z again and go ahead and start the system.  Log in 
> as 1,2 and hopefully you know the password, if you don't, at 
> the "Continue system startup <YES>" prompt, just say no and 
> then do a "SET PASSWORD [1,2]", then use "RUN $SHUTUP" to 
> reboot the system.
> >From that point, all you need to do is use BACKUP and RESTORE once 
> >logged in
> to move your data to the new disk.  If you've got a > 2gb 
> disk, you can DSKINT the other hard partition and run your 
> backup file to that, otherwise you need a magtape for this.
> What you do is enter "BACKUP DU0:[*,*]*.* DU2:BACKUP.BCK" 
> where DU0: would be the RD54 and DU1: would be the SCSI device.
> Then "RESTORE DU2:BACKUP.BCK DU1:"  Go ahead and overwrite 
> everything that was laid down by the COPY.
> If you have any questions, feel free to contact me off list 
> or find me pretty much 24/7 in #ClassicCmp IRC on the 
> Freenode network.

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