Need 3 dectapes read

Patrick Finnegan vax at
Wed Oct 11 10:25:45 CDT 2006

On Wednesday 11 October 2006 03:03, Miller, Keven wrote:
> User Staylor wrote:
> > Was there someone who would be able to read 3 DECtapes for me?  Two
> > of them are from PDP-11 RSTS systems.   The third has sources from
> > ancient UNIX (circa 1974) possibly 4th or 5th edition.
> I have offered to read tapes before.
> I have a 1600/6250 tape drive and have read MPE/IBM/DEC/unix tapes.

I'll point out that DECtapes are NOT 9-track tapes.  You need a 
TU55/TU56 to read them. (or a homebrew version of that...)

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