Tandy 2000 boot roms needed

Kelly Leavitt kelly at catcorner.org
Sun Oct 15 19:25:37 CDT 2006

>             I was able to get copies of the Tandy 2000 
> manuals for what is
> going to be a pretty challenging emulation project that I've 
> undertaken.
> Since I don't have a 2000 system I was wondering if someone 
> on the list who
> has one would be able to make copies of the BIOS ROMs from 
> their machine.
> The BIOS/boot software is contained in two ROMs at locations 
> U47 and U48.
> U47 is the "odd" rom and U48 is the "even" rom.
>              Thanks again.
  I have a running 2000 here, that I can transfer files from. The 2000 does not have a BIOS like a PC. I believe the internal ROMs are just a POST and a boot strap, and the rest of the PC like BIOS is on the MS-DOS boot disk. I have been relayed this information by someone that used to develop and debug the 2000 for Tandy/Radio Shack.

Do you know a way to dump them? I guess if I knew their starting address and length I could use debug. I also have Microsoft's Assembler for the 2000.


PS I still owe you a phone call about the 2000s. I have one that I don't need, but it doesn't work. My suspicion is the power supply, but I've taken no time to verify this. This unit includes keyboard, HD controller, 10 meg drive and one or two 720k floppies, depending on the unit.

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