the last MIT ITS dec-20 (AI.MIT.EDU) is up for sale

Andrew K. Bressen akb+lists.cctalk at
Tue Oct 17 05:50:44 CDT 2006

Chris Zach needs the space, 
so he's selling off his KS-10 (2020)

This machine was the last host to be named AI.MIT.EDU that ran ITS,
and probably the last running DEC 10 or 20 at MIT (though that might
have been MC). 

It comes with an ITS disk pack (and a drive). Might also have TOPS-20. 
Bidding is at $2k so far.

ps: AI, MC, and the hulk of a third 2020 which I think was BLT (Brave
Little Toaster) were part of extensive hacker rescue efforts in the
early 90s.  They were schlepped out of MIT, sat at for a
while until the VC-installed managers almost junked them, then CZ
rescued them and has cared for them since. (I'm not sure what he's
done with MC, BLT was mostly just the chassis and prolly got
scrapped). In the auction photos, those small red tags next to the bar
codes are the MIT "deactivated property" tags.

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