dec /34a issue

John A. Dundas III dundas at
Thu Oct 19 15:13:10 CDT 2006


At 2:34 PM -0500 10/19/06, Jay West wrote:
>420    420
>422    177355
>424    177353
>426    177351
>430    177347
>So it looks to me like it is able to store 420 in 420, but nothing 
>after that. I would normally think there is a problem with the 
>memory board (M7891). However, I have replaced that board with 2 
>others, and all 3 boards fail at the same address AND with the same 
>values. I find that likely to rule out the memory board as really 
>being bad. In addition, I can deposit and examine values to 
>locations 420 through 430 via the front panel just fine.

I imagine that's just a small sample showing the results from 420 on. 
How far into memory have you looked?  It is certainly painful to step 
all the way through however much you have (which model M7891?) but 
more samples may be necessary.

Are you certain the backplane is wired correctly?  In particular, that slot?


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