dec /34a issue (Solved)

Jay West jwest at
Thu Oct 19 20:05:29 CDT 2006

O. Sharp wrote....
> Boy, I wish I knew PDP-11 assembler better. Someday.  :)
Yes, I do wish I knew it better. Then I may have caught the problem myself 

>> I'm certain I'm typing in the memory address test correctly.
And just to be precise, I was typing the program correctly. The website I 
copied it from has it posted incorrectly. I'll email the person who runs the 
website to make a correction.

> Er, is "br loop2" numerically correct here? It, er, smells wrong.  :)
I wouldn't have likely caught that. Patrick was right - thanks! It does in 
fact pass the test.

Now that I've got enough confidence in the machine being somewhat 
functional, I'm gonna grab an RL02 and see if I can boot :)

Thanks for all the input folks!


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