dec /34a issue (Solved)

Jay West jwest at
Sat Oct 21 09:57:50 CDT 2006

Bob wrote...
> Is this the 11/34 from my garage?

Mostly, yes. I acquired three 11/34 carcasses in varying states of 
wholeness - yours was by far the most complete. The machine I'm bringing up 
now is mostly the one from your garage, but in a different BA11 (the same 
front panel however). The leftover parts of the remaining /34 will be 
offered to the list or pitched. There's not much leftover though, as I'll 
want the regulators in the remaining chassis/panel for spares.

Odd - it boots RT11. It passes some diagnostics. Other diagnostics I can't 
tell for sure if it's passing correctly due to lack of documentation on the 
diagnostics. I suspect it's failing something though.


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