Specific DEC diagnostic questions (FKTG & ZDLD)

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sat Oct 21 19:39:11 CDT 2006

Tim wrote...
> The XXDP diagnostics should not be given too much weight.
To much weight, I can understand. But are they worthless enough to not 
bother running to get some level of confidence in the machine?

> Being able to boot your OS is usually going to be far more relevant
> than anything XXDP would tell you, especially if you do not understand
> what the diagnostics are testing or how.
I generally assume that if a board or machine doesn't pass diagnostics, it's 
not worth bothering to run an OS on it. It would just get frustrating with 
random issues. Not that diagnostics prevent that totally, but on my other 
machines they are a very good litmus test. I have source to all the HP 
diags, they are extremely well documented, and they are quite thorough.

I'd feel better if someone having a similarly configured 34 could run the 
same diagnostic and see if they get the same odd result :) If so, then I 
wouldn't mistrust my machine quite so much.


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