Faraday cages ( was Re: staticy plastic tubs )

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sat Oct 21 23:28:29 CDT 2006

Jim wrote...
>Nothing is more efficient than that.  If the compiler produced code that 
>was so incredibly obtuse and broken that it took longer to execute an 
>operation than an interpreter, the compiler was a piece of crap.
You've obviously never written an interpreter have you.

> I call serious BS on the statement "some interpreters were faster than 
> some compilers".  People are going to have to back that up with actual 
> examples before it becomes believable.
If you'd read what some of the previous people have posted on this topic, 
you'd get a clue. Instead, I'm left thinking you chose to ignore any input 
that isn't what you want to hear.


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