DEC boot rom image sought

Don North ak6dn at
Mon Oct 23 15:21:56 CDT 2006

Doc Shipley wrote:
> Jay West wrote:
>> Yup, I know it's been asked for here time and again, but I'm going to 
>> try and keep it in folks minds ;)
>> Would anyone have the DEC boot rom for the M9312 that boots off TMSCP 
>> TK50 & TU81 (MU)? Please check your M9312 boards and your PDP-11/44 
>> boot roms for rom "E39A9" or part number "23-E39A9".
>   Uhhhh.
>   I'm pretty sure one of my /44s booted a TU80 in its previous life 
> and I know one of them booted SDI.  Would either of those do ya?

The TMSCP boot device code is 'MU', the prom DEC part number is 23-E39A9.

I believe a TU80 is a TS11 device code 'MS' CSR architecture, different 
boot PROM (we already have this one in the archive).

If it booted a TU81 however that is a TMSCP device. TK50 DLT drive is an 
TMSCP interface also.

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