Odd 8-bit ISA CD-ROM interface?

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Tue Oct 24 14:29:30 CDT 2006

Jim Leonard wrote:
> Excellent.  This means that, memory and cpu target permitting, I can use 
> recent distros on older hardware.
> I know that Redhat switched over to Pentium-and-higher only CPU targets 
> a while ago; do any of the major pre-compiled distros (Fedora Core, 
> Ubuntu, Debian, etc.) still support 386?

   I think Slackware does and I know Debian does out of the box.  Even a 
late-gen kernel can be built to run in small memory, but you'll probably 
want an older distribution anyway, in order to get a userland 
lightweight enough to run in < 8MB of memory.

   Unless you need something unique to Linux, I'd suggest NetBSD or 
OpenBSD for small-memory systems.


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