Craziest ebay price EVER

Evan Koblentz evan at
Wed Oct 25 21:23:38 CDT 2006

MARCH has a duo drive.  All yours for the bargain price of $1,000.    :) 

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Golan Klinger wrote:
> Wow. I don't think that price would be justified even if it was 
> new-in-box old stock that had been found somewhere. The Apple IIe just 
> isn't that rare.

indeed... for that price it ought to be delivered by Woz, and autographed by
him too ! :-)

> To what do you attribute that price? Ignorance? Greed? Cockeyed 
> optimism? An unhealthy dose of all three? I'm often stunned when I see 
> things like this on eBay. Do people actually find buyers willing to 
> pay these prices?

And a lot of nerve... you don't even get a color monitor for that price !?

I can put together the same setup (possibly minus the duo drive), including
the same exact monochrome monitor... and I'd be happy to let it go for a
penny on that seller's dollar :-)

-- Curt

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