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Warren Wolfe wizard at
Thu Oct 26 00:36:57 CDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 20:45 -0400, Evan Koblentz wrote:

> Not that I or anyone else really needs another Apple IIe, but fyi:

    Maybe in a hundred years... when they are actual antiques.  I know
the feeling, though.  I've got an old Monroe (Litton) OC-8820, possibly
the finest CP/M machine ever made in one package.  I saw one on eBay,
and the joker selling it was asking $600.  Hmm.  Just checked again, and
his opening bid is now $250.  That's not TOO bad.  But, they were
selling these machines, and any like them, for $50 each...  and thinking
about selling by the pound, recently.  It's way too early to view this
stuff as precious ancient technology.  Cripes, I drive a car from that

    Oh, by the way...  This is my first post.  (Just throw roses...)
I'm an oldie, and feeling at home already.  Besides modern stuff, most
of it running Linux, I've got an Imsai 8080, a bunch of old PC clones, a
Radio Shack Color Computer, the Monroe, a Macintosh SE, and some things
I whipped up myself.  I can't indulge myself as I'd like to, since I
don't have all that much space.  I'm a true expert in CP/M, and 8080 and
6809 assembly language.  Am currently looking for a repair manual for
the Monroe, as it has crapped out.  I have *** ALL  *** the software for
it, both CP/M and that oddball Monroe Op/Sys.

    At the risk of being branded a heretic with my first post, I have to
say I'm a fan of the 2.8 megabyte DSL I have now, compared with the 110
baud Teletype 33 KSR I first used...  In computers more than any other
field, time improves the process.  On the down side, I was secure in
that NOBODY knew any MORE than I did about an 8080 machine with CP/M.
There were quite a few people who knew AS MUCH, but nobody knew more.
It's not like that any more -- it's WAY more complicated, by several
orders of magnitude.  Gone are the days when you can just whip up your
own O/S for a computer you designed and built, and have it compete.  At
any rate, I'm glad to be here.


            Warren E. Wolfe
            wizard at

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