486 EISA system

Teo Zenios teoz at neo.rr.com
Sat Oct 28 02:52:31 CDT 2006

Looks like everything is up and running now. I took a dremel to the ST chip
and seem to have killed it in the process, but found a DS12C887 on ebay for
$5 shipped. Once I got the RTC installed the system would boot but still
gave me an EISA error. Doing a massive amount of googling and cross googling
I managed to find AMI EISA Configuration Utility V 2.01 on the internet.
Running the ECU allowed me to setup the cards in the system (and the EISA
memory seems to be just fine so I don't have to replace that chip). About
the only issue I have left is configuring the caching Mylex card (it thinks
there is still a HD on ID4 that is not there, but atlleast its battery must
be good then), that card needs utilities that will not run in DOS or Windows
3.1. I finally installed my boxed copy of OS/2 2.1 onto an SCSI HD in the
486 EISA machine, which is what I wanted it for anyway so I am happy. As
somebody mentioned earlier the network card only works on 10Mb with my
network, but seems to be speedy enough (the 100Mb connector stays dark when

The AMI software had configuration files for my motherboard, Adaptec SCSI,
video card, and network card the only one I needed to dig up was the Mylex
board (and it told me exactly what file I needed so that made googling
easier). If anybody needs the AMI software I can go and dig up the link or
email it to you, handy to have if you mess with old EISA systems.

Are there drivers anywhere for the Aview 2E cards so I can get higher
resolution then 16 color VGA in Windows and OS/2? I have yet to find any for
that card. The card has a full 1MB of VRAM so that should be plenty for Win



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> On 10/14/2006 at 9:49 PM Teo Zenios wrote:
> >The ST chip is 2 layers that connect at the ends (seems to be some
> >there), I wonder if the battery is on the top player or the bottom. I
> >there is enough residual voltage for a meter to read so I know which half
> I
> >need to disconnect.
> The datasheet for the ST chip is here:
> http://www.datasheet4u.com/download.php?id=531672
> and clearly says that the battery is in the "top hat", so Ethan's approach
> shows a lot of promise.
> >Nothing on the 1225Y then other then finding a replacement?
> Well, you can try the same method on it and see if you turn up a battery.
> Otherwise, replacements (either original or FRAM) are inexpensive and
> available.
> Cheers,
> Chuck

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