The Origins of DOS

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How big was the TRS-80 Market to support all thoses DOSes?

I remember when NewDOS/80 and I just remember it being fast.  Any idea who
wrote that?


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On Fri, 27 Oct 2006, Warren Wolfe wrote:
>     It was its own universe, Jim.  The links and questionable parentage
> of the original version of DOS are tied directly to CP/M, which was the
> first O/S for personal computers that any significant number of
> businesses embraced.  And, Windows came out of the DOS world, and now
> dominates as few products have dominated before.  (Note: I am NOT
> claiming this is a GOOD thing.)
>     From what I can tell, TRSDOS was not a rip-off of anyone's software,
> and nobody bothered to rip it off, so it's pretty much out of the world
> of O/S scandal.

There WERE several imitators of TRS-DOS (although still for TRS-80),
including NEWDOS, DOSPLUS, and the semi-legitimate offspring LDOS.

> It actually was pretty decent, and had a few ideas of
> merit that didn't make it into the mainstream world for a while.  It was
> just totally tied to Radio Shack computing, and suffered a mortal wound
> when IBM came out with their PC.  No fault of its own.

Rasio Shack AVOIDED expanding TRS-DOS into other semi-related hardware

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