Collections of (physically) large computers

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>The question of who has the smallest computer might be an interesting one. 
>Whilst in later years the technology allowed machines to pack a lot more 
>electronics into the case, the physical size didn't really decrease much - and 
>in a lot of cases got bigger (quite often due to built-ins like disk drives 
>that didn't *need* to be part of the main system).
>I suppose my Acorn System One is probably my smallest system - two Eurocards, 
>about 100 x 160 x 30mm in size, complete with built-in keypad, display, tape, 
>and expansion interfaces.
>My Sinclair ZX81 is probably next - but of course lacks a display so needs a 
>TV in order to really be useful...

Embedded ELF with serial/RTC/disk(128mb CF), Video(80x24), GPIO (PS2keyboard 
and 8255) in a stack filling a cube less than 5x5x4". Biggest comment is 
there is NO surface mount parts.  The 5" crt monitor is fully three times 
the volume!!

Second to that is my Z80 minimax.  Z80, 64k ram, 128k romdisk, 128k ramdisk
2 serial ports running CP/M.  All CMOS and very low power use.

Both are way smaller than the PDP-11/73 with RL02, RX02 and 3 RD53in a 50" 


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