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>>>>> From the time that it was introduced (August
>> 1981), the IBM PC 5150 was
>>>> also available bare for about $1360 (USD).
>  From memory (of the ad I read in BYTE within the last
> 6 months) there was this secretary looking lady
> proclaiming she could have one on her desk for ~$1700.
> I don't mean to be contentious (not right now anyway
> LOL), it's just what I seem to remember the blooming
> the ultra bare-bones price being. In ultra-bare bones
> read cassette storage only.
>  But perhaps that included some sort of display
> adapter (CGA->TV?)...it would have to otherwise it
> would be essentially an expensive paper weight.

I wish I could easily scan this glued-spine A3 magazine I've got in front of
me, perhaps I'll precis it instead :)

The IBM PC was launched in 01/83 at ukp2390 and has captured 20% of the US
market. The System unit includes an enhanced version of Microsoft BASIC-80
Interpreter without diskette functions.
'The IBM PC is a rather conservative design and is 2 or 3 years out of date.
However, it's also true that any design flaws will have been ironed out
since it has been available in the US for so long'

OS support is interesting: MS DOS, CP/M86, UCSD-P
Expansion: Provision for 1x160k Floppy, cassette

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