System 96 (Measurement Systems Ltd.)

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Sun Sep 3 11:41:04 CDT 2006

In dropping off some loaned manuals to someone earlier, I came away with a 
System 96 box by mistake :-)

It's a nice STE bus crate (approx 16-way, without going back downstairs to 
count) using 3U Eurocards - the nice thing about this one being that it runs 
OS-9 rather than some proprietary OS/application (as is often the case with 
Eurocard boxes that are generally aimed at the industrial control market)

As well as a 5.25" floppy drive, the machine has a small ST506 hard disk in it 
running via a SASI bridge (I can only see the underside at the moment, but 
judging by the connector pin locations it's probably an Emulex)

I've got the following boards:

   6809 CPU + control ROM
   SASI HBA + parallel + 2 x serial (for internal disk via bridge)
   SASI HBA + parallel + 2 x serial (for external SASI devices)
   Memory (128KB)
   Memory (128KB)
   Memory (128KB)
   Memory (128KB)

It was working when last used (which wasn't that long ago; it belonged to 
someone who still got occasional support jobs for STE bus equipment, and was 
their backup OS-9 box).

I've got various floppies for it, but at present no documentation - that's 
currently packed up many miles away at the chap's other premises.

Which begs the question - anyone have one of these systems with the docs, and 
can tell me:

a) DIP switch settings for the serial lines, so I know which is the console 
and what line settings to use.

b) DIP switch settings for the memory boards. One switch on one of the boards 
is jammed halfway between open and closed, so needs putting right before I try 
and get some life out of the machine.



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