Personal Iris IRIX issues and other related questions...

r.stricklin bear at
Sat Sep 16 13:17:19 CDT 2006

On Sep 15, 2006, at 7:08 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:

> Any suggestions?
> I'm also looking for earlier versions of IRIX to run on this  
> machine -- any good places to find them?


This suggests to me a hardware problem with the graphics display  
hardware. I suggest trying to start the system single user so you can  
poke at the console miniport, initializing the network and connecting  
in via telnet before letting the system continue to multi-user. You  
will _probably_ discover that the system is running but the graphics  
display is not working. If this is the case there will be some  
information of greater or lesser use in the system logs. I suggest  
trying this with 5.3 as it's a unified release you can be certain  
includes support for the 4D/35.

The 4D/35 was introduced during the 3.3.2 days, but you will not have  
much success installing 3.3 and then the 3.3.2 maintenance. You need  
the 3.3.2 release which includes support for 4D/35 (known as 3.3.2 
+1.0 4D/35).  Otherwise you are looking at a 4.0.x release prior to  
4.0.5, for which there isn't much to recommend.


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