Commodore keyboards and PCs

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Not to take any business away from Jim and they are a little expensive, 
but wouldn't an off-the-shelf keyboard encoder do the job? 

I've used Hagstrom's KE24s ($99.99) for years, albeit in RS-232<>PS/2 
mode. User-programmable matrix or discrete switch inputs to PC keyboard 
or RS-232, as well as RS-232 to/from PC keyboard.


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Yep, saw the DIY package. I was looking for the boards already done.

This is not a front burner project for me just yet (other things in the
hopper right now), so I'll keep an eye out. Any idea of timing for boards?

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Richard A. Cini wrote:
> All:
>             I'm playing around with VICE, the Commodore emulator and I
> wondered how others who use it deal with key remapping. Sometimes I find
> hard locating the mapped keys because I look at the keycap and of course,
> the key is wrong (like TAB is CTRL, ESC is RUN/STOP, etc.)
>             I'm looking for suggestions beyond sticking little labels on
> keyboard :-) 


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