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Subject: [clue-tech] OT: Old equipment to give away / donate
Date: Sunday 24 September 2006 03:19 pm
From: "Chris N. Brown" <katanacb at comcast.net>
To: "CLUE tech" <clue-tech at cluedenver.org>

Sorry for the off-topic posting.

I've got some old Sun and Intel-based equipment that I'd like to get rid of.
I'm not sure if they are of value to anyone (if so, email me and I'll let you
know what I've got) but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or
information on places to dispose of it all.

Things range from a Sun 17" monitor to misc peripherals to towers.  I'm
planning to put an ad up on, say, craigslist saying "if you want them come
get them" but on the chance that no one does, was looking for some pointers
on proper disposal.  (recycling, donation, give 'em to Goodwill, etc).

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