RX02 Problem solved...

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Sep 27 17:56:33 CDT 2006

> Tony and others -
> The head load pad looks visually fine.  The head load spring tension 
> appears pretty normal , and the solenoid pulls in nicely.
> The drive consistently reads the first 10 or so tracks, then tosses 
> various number of errors as it goes further out.

By 'out', I assume you mean towards higher numbered tracks -- that is 
with the head closer to the spindle.

> I've cleaned the head, and cleaned/lubed the spindle.  The track 0 
> sensor appears fine.
> It is indeed possible that the alignment is off - that would probably 
> explain the poor performance as it steps out.
> I guess a worn out head would have the same symptoms. 

I can see no obvious reason why you'd get more errors on inner tracks if 
the alignment was off. The errors would be on all tracks I would think. 
Unless your leadscrew is so warn that the head is not properly postiioned 
(I have _never_ seen that happen).

A worn/dirty head might give more errors on the inner tracks where the 
bit density is higher (shorter tracks), though.


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