Sipke de Wal, xgistor, SC/MP, TI59

Tony Wills ajwills at
Fri Sep 29 04:08:45 CDT 2006

Thanks to James DiGriz and Graeme we have an almost complete reconstruction 
of the TI59 & SC/MP pages (emulator not here yet).  The TI59 diagrams are 
well done and worth waiting for :-)

I also found that Dave Dunfield was been quietly hiding what I've been 
looking for all along.  The file contains the larger versions 
of some of the diagrams from Sipke's files section.  Dave's versions have 
been renamed and rezipped.  I'm not sure but I think Dave's 
file corresponds to Sipke's although the file size 
is slightly different (and I don't know what "-in-eps." means?).  Anyway 
the contents seem to correspond to Sipke's other individually zipped files.

It appears that the TI59 emulator was Gemtree softwares freeware TI59 
emulator (there is also an unpackaged version of this on Dave's site).

The only TI59 file that is not accounted for is ti59bkrg.jpg which was just 
a background image.

Sipke's website also has dozens of datasheets 
( and other CPU and computer 
emulator/simulators (  These 
sections are still being re-populated.  I'm not entirely sure what files 
some of these sections contained, so have taken the liberty of adding what 
seems appropriate - for that matter the site is not a shine, but a useful 
resource, so I see no problem with keeping it up to date.

I'm marking missing bits with red 'X's.


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