11/45 RL02 faults when RX02 is on

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 4 19:52:12 CDT 2007

On some RL02 cables, the drive WILL FAULT if your ground is not secured.  I
had one cable (traded it) that did not do this, and am currently using a
cable that does do this.  The drive has zero problems with the ground
attached but will fault immediately if I remove it.

In short, be sure your ground wire/eye is still attached to the card end of
the cable, and that it is secured to the chassis ground (there is a lug for
this on the back of my BA11-SA)

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> On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 14:10 -0500, Jay West wrote:
> > I know everyone probably thinks I'm nuts, but has anyone heard of a 
> > reason not to mount a RX02 directly over an RL02???
> It does seem odd, but maybe the motor in the RX02 is a bit hashy?
> I know that my PDP-11/73 (http://pdp11.kicks-ass.net) has the 
> RX02 at the top of the cabinet, then the OEM processor box, 
> then the RL02s below.  I assumed it was for weight...
> Gordon

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