11/45 RL02 faults when RX02 is on

Guy Sotomayor ggs at shiresoft.com
Thu Apr 5 19:08:46 CDT 2007

Tony Duell wrote:
>> Wow... that RK05 must have been fun to get up there.
> When I rack-mounted my RK05s (I have them in the 5th 'bay' from the 
> bottom of a pair of H980s), I took them apart first. Took off the covers, 
> all the boards, the PSU module, front panel, positioner/heads, spindle, 
> spindle motor, blower, etc. 
> The empty chassis wasn't too hard to handle and get onto the rails, and 
> then I just had to put every back in place (which wasn't hard, and 
> amazingly the heads didn't need aligning). 

I put all drives into racks fully assembled.  Of course I use an 
"equipment lift" that makes the job easy.  I wouldn't even try to rack a 
Fujitsu Eagle (140+lbs) without it.  Compared to Eagles, RK05's are 
light and RL02's are feather weights.  :-)


TTFN - Guy

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